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 Sylvia Louwman's Kindergarten Class 
 Kari Holmes Primary Class
 Janisse Browning's Primary Class
 Donna Kirkpatrick's Primary/Intermediate  
 Katharine Byers' Primary Nature Class
 Heidi Serra's Primary/Intermediate
 Gail Bryn Jones' Intermediate Class

 Tanya Grant's Intermediate Class

Our classes buddy up for some shared activities. Some even go on field trips together. 

School Wide Theme
This year our theme is “Water”. We will be focusing on the many aspects of water on the planet and in our community.

School Goal 2015-2016

School Goals
1. To increase students’ sense of connection to school, community and environment (belonging, unity, community)
2. To improve student literacy (reading and writing) across the grades
We based our goals on the following research:

Students who feel connected to schools have greater academic success and engage in less risky behaviours. (Preventing Bullying and Ensuring Safe and Caring School Communities Level One, page 13) “Recent research shows that kids who are in programs that promote their social and emotional understanding . . . are more motivated in school, have fewer behavioural problems, have higher standardized achievement test scores [and] end up being happier, healthier people,” Kim Schonert-Reichl, UBC associate professor