Culture and Safety


We have three main expectations at Salt Spring Elementary School

·         Be Caring

·         Be Respectful

·         Be Safe

Please talk to your child about how this might look in their day.


Problem Solving

We encourage children to use their wits if they encounter a problem

·         Walk Away

·         Ignore

·         Talk it out

·         Seek help

WITS  Program
We have adopted the WITS program at SSE. WITS is an acronym for Walk away, Ignore, Talk it out, Seek help. Wits mandate is to create responsive communities for the prevention of peer victimization. Read more at

Safe Arrival, Call and Volunteer
Please remember to call Safe Arrival at 537-1397 if your child will be absent or late. Our volunteers call parents if their children are missing without a message. We need more volunteers. If you could do Safe Arrival once a week or act as a spare please contact the office.

Life Threatening Allergies Peanuts, Shellfish, Latex
We have students and staff members with life threatening allergies. So we ask parents not to bring peanuts or peanutbutter, shellfish or any products containing these things. Latex items such as balloons may also cause an anaphylactic reaction so please leave them at home too.

Scooters and Bikes at School
If you would like your child to ride a bike at school they must wear a helmet and have a bike in good working order. For a scooter, they need to wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads. We require a new permission slip from you each year.

Parent Volunteers
It’s the season for field trips and we love to have parent volunteers along. Don’t get caught short by paperwork. If you plan to volunteer please make sure you have a current Criminal Record Check done online or at the School Board Office. These checks will be good for any of our district schools and will be valid for five years. The old Criminal Record Checks done at the RCMP office expired after three months. Follow these instructions to have a check done.


If you plan to drive on a field trip we will need a copy of your driver’s abstract and an application to drive on file. To obtain your driver’s abstract phone 1.800.663.3051 and follow the prompts. Your driver’s abstract can be emailed to you and you can forward it to us or bring in a copy. You need at least $2 million dollars of third party liability insurance as well.

Booster Seats
When sending your child on a field trip, by private vehicle, don’t forget to send your child’s booster seat. By law, in B.C. you must use a booster seat until your child is at least nine years old or 145 cm (4'9") tall.

Toxic Free Way to Get Rid of Head lice
David Suzuki has published information about how to treat head lice without the use of chemicals. Read here

Inclement Weather Procedures
With the change in temperature, it is time to remind parents of the procedures for Snow Days. Teachers will prepare class phone tree lists to be distributed to parents.

There are three possible scenarios for inclement weather:
1) Buses running on main roads only
Schools are open as normal but the buses will be running on the main roads only. Parents should listen to one of the following radio stations to hear announcements regarding bus service: CJSU 89.7 FM Duncan, CBC Radio 1 690 AM, CBC Radio 1 Victoria 90.5 FM and CFSI 107.9 FM Salt Spring. See the following link for a main roads only schedule:

2) Buses and/or water taxis not running, but schools open
Most students will likely not attend, but school is open. Parents should listen to one of the following radio stations to hear announcements regarding bus service: CJSU 89.7 FM Duncan, CBC Radio 1 690 AM, CBC Radio 1 Victoria 90.5 FM and CFSI 107.9 FM Salt Spring. Please use your discretion to decide if it is safe to transport your child to and from school.

3) Schools closed
Only in the most extreme cases would the school actually be closed. In this situation, class phone trees will be activated to notify parents of the closure, and announcements will again be made on the radio.

The phone trees will only be activated in the event of a school closure. In the other situations, it is parents’ responsibility to listen for announcements on the radio regarding bus service. Notices are also often posted on the front page of the district website in all three scenarios.